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BTCS - Business Training Consulting Services
Training Courses

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BTCS - Business Training Consulting Services
Organizing Events

find solutions and improve their communication, negotiations with people of different walks of life.

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Youth Development

It is said that 60 % Afghan workforce is comprised of youth! Their development is one of our core activities! They need to be motivated and supported!

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BTCS - Business Training Consulting Services
Developing SME’s

In order to develop sustainable economy and improve middle class, it is important to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), initiate them and attract university graduates to take lead!

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Why People Choose Us

Demand Driven Courses
we offer customized and turn our courses totally tailored made! Totally analyzing the clients’ needs to offer right solution.
Variety of Courses
We are not limited to one or two areas of training fields! However, are, diversified enough and offering number of courses considering the nature and scope of organizations, national programs and projects.
Free Offers
We offer number of free seats in our training courses and motivating the crowd to get benefit of these courses.

Your Gateway to Managerial Excellence - BTCS

BTCS - Business Training Consulting Services


It is registered under License # D-81 22 7 with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA). People graduate from universities, however, could not get what they were expecting or what the community was looking for! The problem is that they are not equipped with the needed skills! They speak but they do not know what they are saying! They write, however, can not use the right words! They appear for interviews, however, can not sell themselves.


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