Head Office +93 (0)783797710

Kabul City, Afghanistan

08.00 to 16.00 Monday to Sat Day

Business Tree Training Consulting Services (BTCS) started its services in 2010 as Business Tree Trainings and Consultancy (BTTC).

Due to some internal constraints, they couldn’t continue longer! The management decided to re-structure, re-shape and re-write the:

  • Slogan: Your Gateway to Managerial Excellence
  • Mission: to enable the employees and organizations to achieve their full potential for success
  • Vision: to be the leading capacity building partner of our clients to struggle for their staff and organizational capacity development


1. Quality and Excellence
2. Accountability
3. Empowerment
4. Contribution

It is registered under License # D-81 22 7 with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA).

People graduate from universities, however, could not get what they were expecting or what the community was looking for!

The problem is that they are not equipped with the needed skills! They speak but they do not know what they are saying! They write, however, can not use the right words! They appear for interviews, however, can not sell themselves.

They lead, they do not inspire and can not influence. They plan and organize, can not get the intended results, though!

We, considering, all above issues taking step into market to give hand and support the cause for Development!