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BTCS Launches 5 – Full Days Training Course on

Research Methodologies, Data Management & SPSS

25– 29 July 2016

8:00- a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (Daily)


Daily Topics:

Day 1

Basics of SPSS. Descriptive statistics, charts and graphs, hypothesis analysis, testing dependence/independence.

  • Different levels of measure: scale, ordinal, nominal.
  • Basic descriptive statistics. Measures of central tendency: mean, median, mode. Measures of dispersion: range, standard deviation, variance.
  • Graphs and charts: bar chart, pie chart, histogram, scatter plot. Which of them should be used in different situations?
  • Hypothesis analysis with SPSS. Testing dependence/independence, Pearson’s chi-square. Levels of significance.

Day 2

SPSS in practice, some useful tips. The "tricks" of dependence/independence testing

  • Converting different types of files into ".sav" files. How can one enter raw data into SPSS efficiently, how to label the data.
  • Transforming the data.
  • Multiple independence analysis - a useful way to circumvent "significance level problems".
  • Elementary principal component analysis.

Principal Component Analysis with SPSS.

  • Definition and meaning of the principal component.
  • Communalities, extraction, variance.
  • Usability of the method (the cases of scale and ordinal measures).
  • Information content and the distribution of the principal component.
  • Omission of variables with insufficient communalities.

Day 3

Factor Analysis with SPSS using a "real example".

  • The factor matrix and its interpretation.
  • The Maximum Likelihood method. Repairing the model.
  • Factor rotation and the varimax method.
  • Omission of variables belonging to more than one factor, the appearance of latent variables.
  • Establishing factor scores. Statistics of factor scores.
  • When the factors explain more than 100%. A common pitfall.

Explanatory models. Analysis of Variance, Regression Analysis.

  • Using SPSS for Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  • Twofold ANOVA, interaction.
  • Linear regression analysis. When should we accept a regression line?
  • Two variable regressions.

Day 4

Charts and tables

  • Simple charts: bar, pie, histogram
  • Compound charts, chart builder
  • Chart editing, 3D effects, color and fill
  • Adding special effect to charts, jittering, plethora of graphs
  • Saving and manipulating tables



Day 5

SPSS Syntax   

·         Syntax files

·         The syntax editor

·         Writing syntax using the Log

·         Open up SPSS files using syntax

·         Define variables using syntax

·         Create compute and autorecord procedures

·         Create simple and multiple IF and DO-IF statements

Trainer and Class Room:


The trainer is PhD in SPSS and Research Methodologies! He has got vast experience conducting training courses around UAE, Thailand, Afghanistan.


Class room is totally practical and there is no space for THEORY.

Teaching Medium

English will be the medium of instruction for this training.

Course Investment:

$ 280 per person


 This fee will cover the cost of training material, stationery, trainers’ fee, software demo installation, training completion certificate.

Registration of participants

Last Date for Registration/Payments is July 10, 2016


Seats are limited; the applicants will be registered on a first come, first serve basis.


Your seat/participation will be confirmed after your registration/payment. Please fill the attached registration form and send it back Rokyan as soon as possible.

 Registration Information

Email: info@businesstreeconsulting.com  /bttctrainings@gmail.com